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public class  FastCRSpline3D
          // Constructors 2
     public FastCRSpline3D();
     public FastCRSpline3D(float);

          // Methods 4
     public void addKnot(Vector3D, float) throws SplineException;
     public void evaluate(float, Vector3D) throws SplineException;
     protected void internalBuildTree(int, int);
     protected void internalUpdateTree(int, int, CatmullRomSpline3D.HermiteTreeNode);

The FastCRSpline class is a faster version of the CatmullRomSpline3D class. The additional speed comes from requiring that all knots have equal parametric spacing.

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· FastCRSpline3D

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   public FastCRSpline3D(float smoothness) 

The FastCRSpline3D constructor takes no arguments, and produces an "empty" spline containing no knots. At least three knots must be added before the spline can be evaluated.

· FastCRSpline3D

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   public FastCRSpline3D() 


· addKnot

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   public void addKnot(Vector3D p, 
                       float l)  throws SplineException

Override the parametric version of addKnot so that it throws an exception if the length of the segment is not equal to one.

addKnot in class CatmullRomSpline3D

· evaluate

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   public void evaluate(float s, 
                        Vector3D val)  throws SplineException

Override evaluate so that it doesn't traverse the tree, but indexes directly into the knot vector.

evaluate in class CatmullRomSpline3D

· internalBuildTree

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   protected void internalBuildTree(int min, 
                                    int max) 

This version of the internalBuild tree method actually constructs an array of spline segments.

internalBuildTree in class CatmullRomSpline3D

· internalUpdateTree

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   protected void internalUpdateTree(int min, 
                                     int max, 
                                     CatmullRomSpline3D.HermiteTreeNode node) 

This method updates the spline array.

internalUpdateTree in class CatmullRomSpline3D

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