fall 01
Computational Media Design
  masXXX is a class taught by John Maeda dealing with interactions between physical form and computation. We are using small serial processors as a hardware platform, and Processing, a software graphics platform developed in the Aesthetics and Computation Group.




Armand! is a giant configurable switch capable of lighting up red, green, or blue, and vibrating at several intensities. I designed Armand! because I was fed up with how anemic our physical interactions with our machines are. All we have is little mice to click or wiggle or keys to tap. What happened to giant Frankenstein-style throw switches? Why can't I have that kind of emphatic interaction with my machine? The day we finally birth artificial intelligence I hope the demented genius who kicks it off has a better way to start it than hitting "OK."


[movie] (Requires QuickTime 5)

(The LEDs show better with the lights off, but the video needs more light.)