Golan Levin: Interval projects 1994-1998
From the Good Old Days at Interval Research Corporation

Interval Research Corporation shut its doors on April 21, 2000. I had the pleasure of working with some extremely creative and talented people during my four years there. Some of the smaller projects I worked on are documented below. The larger Interval projects to which I contributed, such as Rouen Revisited and Media Streams, have been described elsewhere on my home page.óGL


flyphabet Rotuni
Physical, Video-based Musical Instrument, 1997
Golan Levin, Scott Snibbe and Marcos Vescovi
flyphabet Flyphabet
Children's Spelling Game, 1996
Philippe Piernot and Golan Levin

Interactive Multimedia Authoring System, 1994-1997
Marc Davis, David Levitt, Gordon Kotik, Brian Williams, Alan Ruttenberg and Golan Levin

mouther Mouther
Phonetic Cartoon Mirror, 1995
Golan Levin, Malcolm Slaney and Tom Ngo