!hello my name is   megan e:megan(at)media.mit.edu    

mas863 fall 2001 
p: neil gershenfeld 
ta: yael maguire 
shop: john difrancesco 
  notes on vacuum forming and molding  
  assignment #1   design, model, and render a computer interface, usable by a large animal of your
  choosing (not including humans).
  assignment #2   1. make a 3D rendering of this part, including dimensions
  2. machine it out of aluminum
  assignment #3   1. make a 3D model of an apparatus driven by fluid flow & print it on the FDM machine
  2. model a metal part that interacts with this apparatus & machine it on the nc lathe
  assignment #4   use the laser cutter or waterjet to construct a buckle that has a snap or closure which
  holds strongly, but comes apart under extreme tension. no glue allowed.
  assignment #5   mold an appendage for your body using polyethelene or silicon rubbers
  assignment #6   1. use an object to vacuum form a container for itself
  2. vacuum form a container to hold electronics
  assignment #7

  build a random music generator (schematic supplied by joep)   

  assignment #8   choose what sensors will be used in your final project, obtain them, get them working.       
  assignment #9   use the fpga and implement a one or two player game of breakout or pong       
  assignment #10   build the PIC side of the class project board, and program a PIC chip to show it works     
  assignment #11   build the radio side of the class project board       
  final project   write a proposal, then document and present your final project at the end of the term   
      final project proposal v.1
  final project proposal v.2