dynamic clothing
:: has the ability to chage state (color, shape, texture, etc.)




elroy  is a dress constructed during the fall of 2001. it exhibits the properties of dynamic clothing that i envision because, strictly speaking, certain components of elroy alter their color and luminoscity over time. they create patterns on the dress that are not permanently fixed in the weave of the cloth, nor created through specific textile fabrication processes, such as steaming/pressing, stone washing, or dyeing.

electroluminescent panels toggle between two states; white/light emitting, and pink/no light. they are flexible, and the bend of the panels affects the intesity of light across the area. therefore movement and pressure creates interesting effects of depth with the light, as well as a sense of transluscency and layering.

although elroy was initially programmed to reconfigure based upon the time of day, it can just as easily exhibit dynamic properties as a result of mathematical algorithms or, simply, randomization. this would require writing new code for the microprocessor. on a similar note, the patterns could reconfigure in response to light, sound, movement, etc. if i were to add sensing capabilites. this would push elroy into the catagories of interactive/reactive clothing.



an image of elroy's torso and four illuminating panels

elroy's webpage