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Tom White

2 Westacott Ct
Cambridge, MA 02139

Work Experience

August 1996
to present
Research Assistant, MIT Media Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA.

Built software and hardware systems to support independent and group research. Constructed software systems using Java, C++, C, OpenGL, Perl, SQL, servlets, and other technologies to support research and teaching duties. Developed hardware interfaces to investigate new modes of computer interaction. Examples projects include architecting an OpenGL based 3D windowing system, constructing a liquid input pad for two handed interaction, and building a programmable online multiplayer game based on a classic video game.
December 1995
to August 1996
System Administrator
NorthEast Georgia Internet Access
Athens, GA.

Supervised all technical matters for NEGIA, a local internet service provider. Responsibilities included monitoring phone banks, configuring routers, establishing NNTP services, maintaining web services, and managing customer accounts.
August 1993
to December 1995
Remote Site Supervisor.
UGA Computing and Networking Services.
Athens, GA.

Responsible for setting up and managing the new Memorial Hall computer lab, the largest computer lab at the University of Georgia. Directly responsible for 130 workstations and 4 Novell servers, as well as the management of 20 student employees.
April 1993
to August 1993
Intern, Artificial Reality Corp.
Storrs, CT.

Collaborated with Myron Krueger in developing an interactive exhibit for the 1993 annual SIGGRAPH conference. I was in charge of writing the software an exhibit running on custom perception hardware and two DEC Alpha workstations. Included modeling, interface, and networking.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA
Ph.D. candidate, MIT Program in Media Arts and Sciences MIT Media Laboratory

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA
M.S., MIT Program in Media Arts and Sciences MIT Media Laboratory
Thesis: Introducing Liquid Haptics in High Bandwidth Human Computer Interfaces
University of Georgia, Athens, GA.
B.S. Studied Mathematics and Computer Science.
Graduated with 3.65 GPA and Highest Honors.