mas110 exhibition .fundamentals of computational media design.spring 2000.professor john maeda
megan's static pieces . megan's dynamic pieces

# a very nervous 10-sided polygon

import math

while 1:

 m1 = g.getMouse(1)
 m2 = g.getMouse(2)
 sm1 = 3 * math.sin(m1)
 sm2 = 3 * math.sin(m2)

# the body
 g.line(15+int(sm1), 25+int(sm2), 8+int(sm1), 50+int(sm2))
 g.line(8+int(sm1), 50+int(sm2), 15+int(sm1), 75+int(sm2))
 g.line(15+int(sm1), 75+int(sm2), 38+int(sm1), 90+int(sm2))
 g.line(38+int(sm1), 90+int(sm2), 62+int(sm1), 90+int(sm2))
 g.line(62+int(sm1), 90+int(sm2), 85+int(sm1), 75+int(sm2))
 g.line(85+int(sm1), 75+int(sm2), 92+int(sm1), 50+int(sm2))
 g.line(92+int(sm1), 50+int(sm2), 85+int(sm1), 25+int(sm2))
 g.line(85+int(sm1), 25+int(sm2), 62+int(sm1), 10+int(sm2))
 g.line(62+int(sm1), 10+int(sm2), 38+int(sm1), 10+int(sm2))
 g.line(38+int(sm1), 10+int(sm2), 15+int(sm1), 25+int(sm2))