mas110 exhibition .fundamentals of computational media design.spring 2000.professor john maeda
megan's static pieces . megan's dynamic pieces

# over time the texture and complexity changes with the growing 
# canvas size


count = 0

def flower(x, y, scale):
 # center
 g.line(x, y, x+scale*2, y-scale*2)
 g.line(x+scale*2, y-scale*2, x+scale*4, y)
 g.line(x+scale*4, y, x+scale*2, y+scale*2)
 g.line(x+scale*2, y+scale*2, x, y)
 # petals
 g.line(x+scale*4, y, x+scale*8, y+scale*2)
 g.line(x+scale*8, y+scale*2, x+scale*8, y+scale*6)
 g.line(x+scale*8, y+scale*6, x+scale*4, y+scale*6)
 g.line(x+scale*4, y+scale*6, x+scale*2, y+scale*2)
 g.line(x, y, x-scale*4, y+scale*2)
 g.line(x-scale*4, y+scale*2, x-scale*4, y+scale*6)
 g.line(x-scale*4, y+scale*6, x, y+scale*6)
 g.line(x, y+scale*6, x+scale*2, y+scale*2)
 g.line(x+scale*2, y-scale*2, x, y-scale*6)
 g.line(x, y-scale*6, x-scale*4, y-scale*6)
 g.line(x-scale*4, y-scale*6, x-scale*4, y-scale*2)
 g.line(x-scale*4, y-scale*2, x, y)
 g.line(x+scale*2, y-scale*2, x+scale*4, y-scale*6)
 g.line(x+scale*8, y-scale*2, x+scale*8, y-scale*6)
 g.line(x+scale*4, y-scale*6, x+scale*8, y-scale*6)
 g.line(x+scale*8, y-scale*2, x+scale*4, y)

while 1:

 if (count < 50):
  for i in range(0, 98):
   g.line(2, 2, 102+i, 2)
   g.line(2, 2, 2, 102+i)
   g.line(102+i, 2, 102+i, 102+i)
   g.line(2, 102+i, 102+i, 102+i)
   for k in range(0, 8):  
    for j in range(0, 8):  
     flower(15+(23+(98-i))*k, 16+(23+(98-i))*j, 195-2*i) 
   count = count + 1
   g.field(0, 103+i, 200, 200, 0)   
   g.field(103+i, 0, 200, 103+i, 0)
   g.field(0, 0, 200, 1, 0)
   g.field(0, 0, 1, 200, 0)
 #  g.pause(5)