Enlightened WaterFall  

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Final Product

To create a symbolic representation of a waterfall, many things were considered. The three most important senses that help understand a waterfall's beauty are: sight, sound, and touch. Using these senses, I was able to create an electronic representation of a waterfall. I used LEDs for the water and an LED display for the scenery. Also, I used rocks and water to add a sense of realness. For the sound, I used a small electronic motor. With all of these elements combined, my Enlightened Waterfall comes alive.

In order to make my waterfall dynamic, instead of a stand-alone object, I gave the users some functionality to play with. With a potentiometer, the user can simulate three different sceneries. These sceneries are displayed on the hotpants display. Also, I used a couple of switches to vary the lighting sequences. The first switch provides a normal waterfall sequence(down). The fourth switch, however, makes the waterfall go up, like a waterspout. Finally, the second and third switches allow the user to alternate mood lighting.