Enlightened WaterFall  

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Waterfalls are among the most incredible wonders of nature. The flow of water is smooth and inticing. The sound of the water is soft yet crashes on the rocks. But, aside from the water, the abundance of nature completes the soothing display. The water glistens with the sun's rays of light, The rocks sparkle as the water flows over them. Such spectacular waterfalls establish a sense of relaxation and wonderment.

Why did I choose to make an electronic representation of an Aqua Fall? Well, first off, I am fancinated with gizmos that provide such dazzling displays. Even though it is a piece that may collect dust over time, it still provides moments of relaxation. Through sound, visuals, and textures, I hope to create a nylonized waterfall with similar aspects of the Aqua Fall.

Here are some of my preliminary attempts at creating a waterfall.