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Babbage Session Two: Minutes/Synopsis

Ben, Bernard, E'beth, Ed, Han, Rich, Yael
with a special appearance by Neil Gershenfeld.
Transcript by Rich.


This paper is a synopsis of second Babbage meeting, being partly meeting minutes and partly a digest of the material presented. As closely as possible I have tried to stick with my original transcription, but the complexity of the material and my inability to typeset all of the tables and equations properly in ``real time'' has necessitated revisions and corrections based on Hopcroft and Ullman. Since future presentations should be accompanied by online presentation material, detailed technical transcripts should be unnecessary, except where new technical material comes up in the course of digressions and discussions.

I encourage all participants to review my work and make additions and corrections to the LATEX source which I will post along with the HTML and PostScript versions of this document. -- Rich.