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Inner Class


protected class  CatmullRomSpline3D.Knot
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 2
     public float l;
     public float splineLength;

          // Constructors 2
     public Knot(CatmullRomSpline3D.Knot);
     public Knot(Vector3D, float, Vector3D);


The knot class is used in a preliminary represntation of the spline as a vector of knots. This represntation is used to construct a tree of Hermite3D splines representing each section of the overall spline. It is the hermite tree, not the vector of knots, which is actually evaluated.


· l

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   public float l

· splineLength

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   public float splineLength


· Knot

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   public Knot(Vector3D p, 
               float l, 
               Vector3D d) 

This constructor produces a knot at location p, with tangent vector d, and associated spline segment length l. Note: The parameter l is the length of the segment in parameter space, and ordinarliy should be set to 1.0.

· Knot

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   public Knot(CatmullRomSpline3D.Knot knot) 

Copy constructor. This construct produces a new knot identical to its argument.

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