I am student in the Aesthetics & Computation Group at the MIT Media Laboratory.

In my own words, the ACG is an agar-coated petri dish for code-savvy digital artisans and designers (note: ACG does not stand for Agar-Coated Group.) In this thirving environment, the ever-supportive Professor John Maeda has gathered together young men and women who are as crafty with code as they are with a canvas.

The focus of the group is computational art and design. This is a form of visualization which treats the computer as a medium. The substrate of the computational medium is code. Only through understanding of the fundamentals of computation can one fully tap the potential of the computer as a visual medium.

I believe that the ACG has three goals. The first is to develop a language of computation design and an accompanying curriculum so that it may have a solid foundation for use in design education. The next goal is to create examples of computational art and design which serve as reference points to those outside of the community of what is possible. The last (and ultimate) goal of the ACG is to demonstrate to the world that a person can be both an artist and an engineer, and that when the two are combined together, that person can create something which would not have been possible otherwise.