Jaredit (1999, SGI) is an aesthetically pleasing, simple, code editing environment.

Forumulation (1999, SGI/PC) is an interactive art piece created specially for the two-week ACG exhibition at Art Director's Club in New York.

Portfolio (1999, Mac) is my hand-coded portfolio.

ClayScape3D (1998, Mac) is an intuitive free-form modeling tool which allows allows the users to sculpt and paint the model directly, as if it were clay. This program requires Apple's OpenGL extensions.

SpaceNet (1998, SGI) is an interactive tool for the visualization of networks of infomation.

Wearables Slideshow (1998, SGI/PC) is an enhanced slideshow created for the MIT Media Lab Wearables Conference.

BetaMan (1997, Mac) is a simple environment for teaching students how to use the Beta assembly language (whihch is based on the Alpha assembly language.)

LandSculptor3D (1997, Mac) is a 3D modeling application used for sculpting landscapes.

Gallery (-1997) is traditional (i.e. non-code-based) digital artwork that I created when I had time, mostly before I came MIT>