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a selection of projects from previous years in the aesthetics + computation group

projects 99 - 00

introspection machine : acg
halo and chameleon : elise co
systems for abstract expression : golan levin
nsider : tom white, jared shiffman, casey reas
relational constructs : casey reas
egg machine : casey reas
plane modulator : casey reas
dakadaka : casey reas & golan levin


projects 98 - 99

rethinking the book : david small
typography from scratch : peter cho
image deconstruction : elise co
sol, a language for emergent design : richard devaul
materiality on electronic frontiers : bill keays

projects 97 - 98

glom organic information visualization : matt grenby
kinetext concrete programming paradigm : chloe chao
transducer a/v performance system : reed kram
fishpad wireless input device : tom white
timeline cinematic temporal ride : elise co
stream interactive poetry garden : tom white, david small
datapaint freehand navigation space : peter cho