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a thesis represents the culmination of one's tenure in the acg, providing concentrated analysis and insight into a set of projects at the intersection of design and computation


golan levin
painterly interfaces for audiovisual performance (9MB)

ben fry
organic information design (8.5MB)

axel kilian
defining digital space through a visual language (9MB)

elise co
computation and technology as expressive elements in fashion (2.9MB)

david small
rethinking the book (1.27MB)

peter cho
pliant type : development and temporal manipulation of expressive, malleable typography (1.49MB)

bill keays
using high-bandwidth input/output in interactive art (2.4MB)

matt grenby
glom: information agglomerates - an organic representation for quantitative information (2.2MB)

rich devaul
emergent design and image processing: a case study

tom white
introducing liquid haptics in high bandwidth human computer interfaces (1.11MB)

chloe chao
kinetext : concrete-programming paradigm for animated typography

reed kram
system models for digital performance (2.80MB)