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nikita pashenkov

nikita pashenkov
: master of science 2002
oh nothing for now.

      afsheen rais-rohani

afsheen rais-rohani : master of science 2002

        elise co

elise co : master of science 2001
fried chicken, candied yams, macaroni & cheese strawberry-rhubarb pie

        casey reas

casey reas : master of science 2001
what does this do?

        jared schiffman

jared schiffman : master of science 2001

        omar khan

omar khan : master of science 2001

        axel kilian

axel kilian : master of science 2000
defining digital space through a visual language

        golan levin

golan levin : master of science 2000
painterly interfaces for audiovisual performance

        david small

david small : phd 1999
rethinking the book

        peter cho

peter cho : master of science 1999
pliant type : development and temporal manipulation of expressive, malleable typography

        phillip tiongson

phillip tiongson : master of science 1999

        rich devaul

rich devaul : master of science 1999
emergent design and image processing

        bill keays

bill keays : master of science 1999
using high-bandwidth input/output in interactive art

        chloe chao

chloe chao : master of science 1998
kinetext : concrete-programming paradigm for animated typography

        matt grenby

matt grenby : master of science 1998
glom : information agglomerates -- an organic representation for quantitative information

      reed kram

reed kram : master of science 1998
system models for digital performance

connie van rheenen

connie van rheenen
: former staff assistant

      john rothenberg

john rothenberg : former urop student
summer 2002

      megumi ando

megumi ando : former urop student

      sloan kulper

sloan kulper : former urop student
tag, line. you're it.

      max van kleek

max van kleek : former urop student
ninja max, who knows his sandwich by number

      ben gallup

ben gallup : former urop student
summer 2001

      joy forsythe

joy forsythe : former urop student
summer 2001

      andre devitt

andre devitt : former urop student
summer 2000

      rich streitmatter-tran

rich streitmatter-tran : former urop student
summer 2000

      jocelyn lin

jocelyn lin : former urop student
fall 1998 - spring 2000

      lauren dubick

lauren dubick : former urop student
spring 1999 - summer 1999

      cat foo

cat foo : former urop student
spring 1999

      josh nimoy

josh nimoy : former urop student
summer 1999

      jessica wu

jessica wu : former urop student
summer 1997 - fall 1998