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we strive to build a bridge between the arts and engineering through public exhibitions and workshops. we address both communities simultaneously with constructions and events that provoke a deeper understanding of the new medium


interspace theater world premiere : february 03
james seo and company will be performing a world premiere visual narrative at the interspace theater. please note rescheduled date.

  little vision: storytelling in a tiny world : january 03
Megan Galbraith and Simon Greenwold ran an IAP workshop with Stephanie Hunt and the MIT Museum. Participants created short movies and wrote programs that tell teeny tiny stories on Hotpants displays (now on display at the MIT Museum). January 14-15, 2003.


a! diseno design conference 02 : august 02
megan galbraith is giving a lecture and teaching a workshop about computational design and materials for computation at the a! diseno premiere international design conference. the conference takes place in guanajuato, mexico from august 29 - september 1 2002.


tinystories: i:o consortium workshop : may 02
we had 1 1/2 hours to film tiny movies and burn them onto bricks (LittleVision) for eleven people to take home and dazzle their friends and neighbors.

  whitney biennial : march 02
a new iteration of ben fry's valence is showing in the net art section of the whitney museum's biennial exhibition. the show runs from march 7 - may 26 2002 in new york, ny.

  bitforms : march 02
acg alumni casey reas and golan levin exhibit recent work at the bitforms gallery in new york city. the show runs from 21 february 2002 through 30 march 2002.


design + culture 02 : april 02
ben fry is speaking at the annual design + culture 02 conference about his work in genomic cartography. the conference runs from april 15-17 in miami beach, FL. ben's talk is at 10:30am, april 15.

  what do you want to do with it? festival at london's ica : november 01
justin manor, nik pashenkov and tom white present their work and engage with visitors at the institute of contemporary arts digital festival (5 - 10 november 2001).

  new digital aesthetics: ben fry at london's ica : november 01
fry speaks at the institute of contemporary arts about his work: how new forms and methods can represent the three billion letters of genetic code or the tens of thousands of genes they represent (tuesday 6 november 2001).

  john maeda: post digital at ntt icc : august 01
john maeda's mid-career retrospective exhibition "post digital", showing at NTT ICC from 10 august to 21 october 2001


computational design at musabi : august 01
a one-week computational design workshop at japan's musashino art university, led by ben fry.

  acg at the univeristy of cincinnati : august 01
casey reas is presenting his work and giving a seminar on computational design on august 8th at the university of cincinnati

  design for the fun of it : may 01
casey reas, ben fry, and alumnus golan levin present their work at this wasington dc aiga sponsored event. may 22 at 6:30pm.

  lsu : march 01
as a part of the baton rougue video project, elise co and casey reas present their work and the work of the acg at louisiana state university on march 21, 22.

  walker art center : march 01
john maeda gives a lecture on march 13 as a part of the 16th annual insights design lecture series at the walker art center in minneapolis.


workspheres : february 01
the acg collaborated on a project for the museum of modern art's workspheres exhibition curated by paola antonelli. on view in new york february 8 - april 22, 2001.

  010101 : march 01
john maeda's work is included in 010101: art in technological times, an exhibition of digtal art at the san francisco museum of modern art. the show runs from march - july.

  ted 11 : february 01
ben fry presented the work of the acg and his work in information visualization at richard saul wurman's conference on technology, education, and design.

  numer 00 : december 00
casey reas presented the work of the acg at this conference reflecting on the fundamentals of interactive design. paris, december 9th and 10th.

  interaction design institute ivrea : december 00
john maeda was one of fifty international design experts that met in ivrea, italy on 16 and 17 december 2000 to help design the academic programme of the new Institute.

  new york digital salon : november 00
the work of axel kilian, golan levin, elise co, and casey reas is on display in the new york digital salon at the school of visual arts in new york from november 6 through december 9.


cooper union exhibit : august 00
a retropective show of the work in the acg at the herb lubalin study center of design and typography at the cooper union in new york. open september 6 - october 14.

  edgewise00 : october 00
part of the edgewise00 "three4all," elise co gives a micropresentation of her current research. october 5th at 4:45pm, puck building, ny.

  ars electronica : september 00
several acg projects will be shown at this year's ars electronica festival, in linz, austria: an installation and concert performance of golan levin's audiovisual environment suite; an installation of dakadaka, by casey reas and golan levin; and an installation of the stream (an interactive poetic garden) by tom white and acg alumnus david small.


siggraph 2000 : july 00
the acg presented "the introspection machine," an interactive installation, at the siggraph 2000 conference in new orleans.


joypolis exhibit : july 00
eight works from the ACG were installed in the sega joypolis technology center in tokyo bay, japan.

  vision plus 8 : july 00
ben fry will be presenting his work in organic information design at this years vision plus conference in vienna.

  design master class: mit media lab : april 00
the cooper-hewitt national design museum sponsored an open-studio visit to the media lab.

  atypi boston : october 99
john maeda, ben fry, golan levin, and peter cho gave a talk about typographic exploration at the media lab for the audience of the association typographique internationale conference.


dbn workshop at mindfest, a gathering of playful inventors : october 99
dbn workshop participants learned how to create short programs and animations that responded to user input. input was taken from the mouse or from heat and light sensors connected to crickets, tiny programmable computers.


dbn workshop for the aiga, nyc : august 99
in a cooperative effort with the american institute for graphic arts (aiga) we designed a day-long workshop in computational expression using the DBN system. topics covered included temporal graphics, reactive graphics, and networked graphics. examples from the course can be found on the dbn website.

  vision plus 6 : july 99
acg member ben fry presented an overview of current projects within the aesthetics and computation group and discussed his own work in the field of information design.


exhibition at the art directors club gallery, nyc : may 99
in an exhibit co-curated with the art director's club gallery and sponsored by intel, we displayed dozens of interactive works by present and former acg students, together with 50 posters by john maeda.


paul rand at the media lab : september 96
we invited paul rand to speak at the media laboratory on aesthetics and the language of design. he presented to an unprecedentedly packed auditorium here at the media laboratory.